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I know batch files wer not reall designed to do math but I see complex examples on the net which makes me thing I can do simple math.

I do a math problem at work very often and get tired of using a calculator. So I want to be able to click a batch file icon on the desktop and type in a value and to the following problem.

Result = (InputValue/17.7777) * 1.0186

Can anyone here write this for me? I can't seem to get anything to work. If not I will just write in in C# later tonight.
You don't have excel?

Isn't there some freeware equivalent?

Yup Excel is the one to use. :lol:

You might also look at open office, they have a spreadsheet app too.

Also MSAccess can do the calculation and store it for reference if desired.
You don't have excel?

Isn't there some freeware equivalent?

I do have excel but that takes too long to open for what I need it for. I need to enter a number into a radar system and the number I am given is in Degrees and I need it in MRAD. Which is what the above equation is. I do the problem about 20 times a day or about 2 or 3 times an hour.

The computer I am using is really slow and I figured the quickest smallest application would be a command prompt utility which I clicked right on the desktop and it asked one question and spit out the answer. Then I would just type it in the Radar applications.

Right now I just use the windows calculator but I get tired or remembering the equation. It would be one less thing I have to think about while processing data
Here's a real quick app but it doesn't have any error checking.


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Hi, Squintz, I use this:

It is very fast to use. If the angle tab does not do what you want (is MRADS milli-radians?), then there is a "custom" tab where you can add your own conversions.

The angle tab does revolutions, radians, gradients, degrees, minutes and seconds.
Here's an update that checks to see if the input is a number and hitting return auto selects the calc button.


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