bedside keypad?


Just getting ready to wire my new construction home in a few weeks. Installing Elk M1G for automation / security. I would like to have a bedside keypad that I can use at night and be able to see from the bedside in case of any alarms/messages. What do you use in this setting?
I suggest a wooden or Plexiglass stand ( not available from ELK) and the M1 KP2 keypad. That would give you a blue backlight next to the bed. You can program alarm clock functions in the Rules and adjust the time with Custom Values from the keypad.

Other options are M1KPAS Single Gang Arming Station, wireless keyfobs, TS-07 Touchscreen, and of course just the telephone next to the bed for control.
I've got a UMPC running CQC on my night stand. Works great to control everything at the times when I'm most lazy -- right as I'm falling asleep. And it's great to check in on the baby and the house with a live feed of the surveillance cameras. Plus, I can check email and read CocoonTech at night without my wife complaining that I've got my nose buried in my notebook again <_<
yeah, I use a Fujitsu 3400 for the same reason. I even setup a "Master Bedroom Panel" view with just the stuff I care about in there. Nice huge buttons so I can turn stuff on/off at will.


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