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Belts, tensioners and thermostat on the E46


October, 2021
Replaced the two serpentine belts, tensioners and thermostat on the E46.  Easier to do that changing the rotors, brake pads and coils.
I was going to have this done at a shop and delayed due to parts shortages.  I had no issues getting all of the BMW parts for the automobile.
Best instruction was via You Tube videos.
1 - remove filter box and MAF wire connections * so you have more space to work in.
2 - remove top shield of radiator - its all plastic and it was 4 push pins
3 - removed fan clutch (most difficult part which took 10 minutes really) * soaked large 32mm bolt in WD40 to loosen the reverse thread.
4 - partially drained radiator
5 - unbolted thermostat and replaced it.
6 - removed tensioner and idler pulley and replaced them both.  BMW has moved from a mechanical type of tensioner to a piston type.