Bend radius for coax?

Usually sites like Belden and West Penn will have detailed specs for their wire. I think bend radius is one of the things they publish.

I think with coax the point is to not compress the dialectric "foam" layer?
Thanks. Although in looking through this for coaxial cables (all that they listed) I did not see any with a bend radius of 7.3 inches. Did I miss something that gets modified against the minimum bend radius listed?
It was on a tech info sheet for quad shield. I can't tell you exactly where I got that number from because their tech info server is down right now. 7.3 seemed kind of large so if the numbers you saw were more reasonable, I would go with those.
Ok, I saw 2.5 inches for plenum quad shield, 3 inches for normal quad shield and then a variety of 4 inches for most of the bundled cables and 6.5 inches for the very thin cable that was not labled 'flexible'.

I just wanted to make sure I was not missing something in gathering the number.

Thanks again.
Your numbers sound more reasonable... I was surprised when I saw the 7.3 figure. I will go back see where I went wrong!
Thinking about it in a different way, it does sound 'drastic'

If the radius is 7.3 inches, the diameter is 14.6 inches. A circle with that diameter is only a very slight bend. It would take a large area if you had any turns to remain in spec!

I'm using the 3" value for conduit placement. In this case the number of turns will be limited.
OK, the Belden link is working again. I went there and searched for RG6. Then I clicked on part number 123092A (quad shield) and scrolled down to the spec on minimum bend radius (right below max. pulling tension).

That's where I saw the 7.3 number.
Hmm, that says it is armored. I've never seen that before. I see what you are referring to though.