best Elk-73 speaker mounting?


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I know that the Elk-73 speaker can be mounted a couple of different ways, but what is the best SOUNDING way?
  • flat drywall with just a wire hole and screws
  • on a closed back "old work" plastic box
  • on an open back low voltage ring
Or, what have you done and did you like it?
I haven't played around all that much with them, but I did notice that they sounded better when they were against the drywall rather than just hanging off of a wire in the open.
mounted flat against a wall or something seems to work the best for me. I also had them outside on the ground (soft soil) during halloween, and worked pretty well too
Today mine is mounted around 7 feet off ground against the drywall. The volume is set to I think 2 and sounds pretty loud and clear. Going to tap M1 into whole house speakers when in and disconnect the 73. I'll let you know what kind of difference that makes.