Best hybrid replacement for Swann DVR that died


I currently have a Swann DVR (SWDVR-94200) with 5 960H cameras (connected via coax) and my main unit died. I have never really liked it, and I want to replace the Swann DVR system with something better as long as I have to buy a new one anyway. I have looked around a bit but can't really find what I want... I am hoping people here have recommendations for a better system.
  * Support for at least 4 (preferably 8) coax cameras, video only
  * Will work with my existing Swann 960H format cameras
  * Has a mobile app that isn't terrible
Would like:
  * Support for some ethernet/IP cameras as well
  * Support for full HD cameras if I ever want to add them
I don't know much about CCTV systems, but I am having trouble finding anything that allows for both 960H (analog?) recording and SDI/IP recording at the same time. So far, the best option I can find is the Dripstone 16 Channel 960H Hybrid DVR, which seems to have everything on my list except support for full HD cameras and is only $300 at amazon. Can anyone recommend that one or an alternative you think is better?