Best option for landing speaker wire in comm room


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I am going to have several runs of 16/4 speaker wire coming back to a 19" rack (or plywood wall) for distribution.

What are some of the best ways to terminate this in the comm room.

I was envisioning terminating it on something like a DIN rail with terminal blocks and then jumpering over to the output amps.

Anyone got any pictures or recommendations on the cleanest way to do this?

My racks are going to be organized by function. I'll have a rack and wall space for handling each of the Whole house audio/paging, Whole house video (CAT5+RG6), Security (system and cameras), and Networking/Telephone.

Not sure if this would work for you but I like to use the PlateMate stuff from Russound mounted in Carlon LV gang boxes. With the PM-8D and their 5-Way binding posts (PM-BP) you can terminate 4 zones per double gang bracket and use patch wires from the amp to the wall plates. It comes out very clean and professional.

On Q Legrand also has some interesting solutions.

I am sure Paul K. has some great solutions he will offer here as well.

***Edit: Added binding posts.***