Best USB GPS receiver?


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I just got a new Dell and found out my old Delorme GPS receiver will not work because I do not have a mouse port. So I need a new receiver that is USB powered. I really like Street Atlas USA so all I need is a new receiver. TIA



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Greg, Funny you asked that :D I JUST read this a couple days ago and knew where to go find it again. I found it TOO late unfortunately, as I purchased the bundle again at WorstBuy for $99. I am just gonna sell the unopened software on eBay I think.

If you go to the VERY bottom of THIS PAGE you will see the following:

"NOTE: If you already own a recent or current version of DeLorme mapping software and want to use any of them with the Earthmate GPS LT-20, you can purchase the receiver by itself. Call 1-800-561-5105."

This is on Delorme's site, where they are offering the Street Atlas USA 2006 Software/GPS bundle.

I have this exact GPS, and aside from the hideous color (at least when used in a CarPC enviorment) it works fantastic! It gets a lock very fast, and in Florida I usually have around 10-12 sattelites locked out of 12.


is to get a USB/PS2 adapter. URL=]HERE IS ONE[/URL] for $15. I did not do any price shopping, just the first one that showed up through Google. I know it will work with Keyboards/mice, but no idea if they will work with a GPS receiver or not... Hmmmmm


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The Holux GPSlim236 is very highly regarded. I don't have one and have never used one but it made my final list of 2 or 3 when I was considering buying a new one. I ended up with something else because of time constraints - the GPSlim236 was not available anywhere at the time (I got a Globalsat BT-338 instead).

The GPSlim236 is a native Bluetooth receiver. But, you can buy accessory USB and serial cables to use it that way. If you've got Bluetooth, you can go completely wireless with it.

The receiver uses a SiRF III which is more sensitive than most other chipsets out there. It does a better job getting a fix among tall buildings or under foliage. I've used my BT-338 (with SiRF III) in the woods and it's done a much better job of getting a fix than my old Garmin Etrex (the original yellow Etrex). The SiRF III receivers work ok on the car seat instead of the dashboard - and I've heard of people who have success leaving them in the glove compartment. I know I've kept mine in a pants or pack pocket and it's worked fine (under trees).

The GPSlim236 is available from these guys (among others):
GPSlim236 at
GPSlim236 at

I've purchased numerous things from buygpsnow and been very happy with them. I've never ordered from semsons but they have a very good reputation.

I also have an older HAiCOM serial receiver that works very well (from buygpsnow). I switched to bluetooth because of problems using the serial receiver with my PDA (it always got stuck wanting to synchronize with the receiver - as if it was connected to a computer - and slowing down).

If you know you are only going to connect using USB, you can look at receivers like this one:
Globalsat USB SiRF III USB receiver
There's also a serial version:
Globalsat USB SiRF III serial version (with power adapter)

It has the SiRF III chipset and supports WAAS - which can give you a more accurate position if the WAAS signal is available.


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Thanks for the infor guys. I went to Wally World and picked up one of those mouse --> to USB gizmos and it's back to working. So now my search isn't so frantic. I was lost in Gatlinburg (Smoky Mnts) without my GPS receiver. My old (7 years) Delorm receiver still works perfectly although it has a lot of wires. I thought that the trees and mountains would block it but it gets a fix within a minute and keeps me sane. Thanks again.