Best Video Distribution Cabling Method


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OK, the more i research, the more i'm willing to consider video distribution after all...

Currently i have already have a central wiring closet/panel with 2 coax / 2 cat6 runs to any core location in the living areas where i may need it (save the upstairs kids bedrooms which are reletively accessible for future wiring from the attic, etc)...

I was initially planning on using HDMI for video connections at each point of hig def install (namely one common area (living or family room) and the master bedroom) and thus not distribute from a central point. However, the wife wants a smaller flat panel in the kitchen/nook area where she spends a lot of her time, and it would probably be nice to have theability to watch from outside in the pool/porch area. I might even argue watching in the outbuilding would be cool. so 2-5 potential connections - with only two requiring real high def ).

But if i were to wire video and sources centrally and say geta plasma, HDdvd/BluRay, digital HD cable in the two previously mentioned areas, i'm worried that the quad shielded coax (the moster copper braided stuff i bought) would not be enough to give highest quality at 1080p, from such a central location ect?

I'm still digging, but articles like this are promising:

I just don't want to make a decision i'll regret later. I am positive i don't want to deal with running new/dedicates composite video connections (rules out the HD addition to Russound's CAV) nor direct HDMI cabling to the closet. So my choice here (unlike audio where i already have teh speaker and cat6 cabling done) will hinge on whether coax or cat5/6 based technologies could support it.

any pointers to swicthing technology that might apply would be great.

thx in advance
If i can't get hdmi quality in the 42" or so plasma i plan on putting in the living/family room, i would go back to my original position and not do this for video - simply split and amp the incoming coax to each location and use local components at that location for home theater/dvd/etc...

The more i think about my experience with VGA vs DVI on my lcd monitors, i do not believe i can match the quality of a short digital connection like DVI/HDMI with ~20' (or more) runs over coax.


I do not know of any system that will do HDMI over two UTP. However, you can still get hi def, 1080i, using Audio Authority equipment or the like. I think 1080P is a huge buzz word now, but you will be hard pressed to tell the difference between 1080P and even 720P unless you 1. have a high quality monitor and 2. have a very discerning eye. Let us know what you find and good luck!