Best Way To Recording Custom Messages


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Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone has come up with a good way to configure custom voice messages in the Elk M1. It would be great if I could just provide a .WAV file but that would be a new feature request I guess? :( In any case, recording through a telephone just doesn't give me a very good recording. I am trying to record a couple of different sounds (from my computer) to be used as doorbell chimes. I don't have a direct connection between the computer and the phone line at the moment so my "recordings" contain background noises and poor sound quality. So what other options do I have to get a better recording into the M1?

Dave G.
There really is no easy way. You have 2 choices, a combination of the Elk-129 and a voice module which you can read more by looking through some of these posts. The second option is you can use Text-To Speech (TTS) from a pc. If you are using Elk speakers you can arrange it with relays and an amp (like a small T-amp or Elk amp) and such. If you have a distributed audio system you can use that and send the speech in 'page' mode.