Best way to schedule successive tasks in the elk


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I figure this has been discussed, but i've tried a few search strings and can't find such threads... I've ordered an output expander and 2 relay boards and will be hooking up my 10 sprinkler zones to them....

so i'm planning the rules in advance have the equivalent of:
"whenever 4:00 am and day in (Sa/W) then fire task 'water yard'"

and i have:
"whenever 'water the yard' then output 1 on for 30 min"

if i continue with this logic, i would have 9 of the following which implicitly fire from the task as each completes:
"whenever out(1) state = off then out(2) on for 30 min..."

is there a better way to do this? i know spanky's talked about the event driven vs common programing logic, but seems like a lot of lines to get a sequential execution to happen... would be cool if you could specify then on top of then instead of just the driving event.


p.s. Throw me into the sqeaky wheel for OR/NOT conditions <_<

btw - found it interesting that although virtual keypad won't let you alter output 1/2 state (since that's speaker/siren), elkrp does and actually shows the states as on (i din't have either hooked up at the time)...
Your rule writing logic is sound.

Output 1 and 2 is not controlled from ELKRM because we found people turning on the sirens and could not understand how to turn them off. Or turning them on remotely and forgetting to turn them off. When they are turned on by the output control the cutoff timer does not work. Therefore no option. Neighbors get really ill after a few hours of siren.