BestDealCables... 2 for 1 deal

They can afford to give one away due to the fact that there is a 75% or so mark up on their cables!

Have a look at THIS LINK and compare the prices for yourself.

Yes, I know "Quality cables" are supposedly better, but I doubt that the cheaper cables will not perform as well as the expensive ones in the case of a digital signal such as HDMI, DVI ect.

I have purchased MANY cables from them, and never had a problem. I have a 26" LCD monitor, and needed a DVI cable. Comp USA & Best Buy wanted around $100 for one. I paid $9 at cablewholesalers and am quite happy.

(Looks like "Best Deals" wants $50 for a 3" DVI and it's not even gold plated!)
I was looking at the DVI cables as well, and came to the same conclusion. Monster pricing!
You can also look at eHDMI for some prices that are better than Cable Wholesale. I just got a couple of cables from there and they are working great.

Just looked at that site.... Great Prices indeed! $6.99 for a 6' HDMI cable. It REALLY PI$$<$ me off that Best Buy charges $90 for their CHEAPEST HDMI cable in the stores. There are times I need something now, when doing an install for someone. It's hard to tell someone I can get it working for you in a couple days, and not RIGHT now like they always want :)

I did one time, sorry to admit.....

Bought a cable at BB as I needed it right then ($99!!!!!!). I carefully opened the package, and used it till the one I ordered soon as I got home arrived. I packaged it back up, took it back and said, I would like to return this, as I purchased one onine for $8 and don't need this one any longer ;)
Ok.. so what is the better HDMI cable? I need to order one... maybe 6'... also a longer one... maybe 15'-20' Anyone actually using one of these cheaper cables and can report on the results?

Also anyone know of a good cheap AGP video card that has HDMI output (for my MCE box)?

Also anyone know of a good cheap AGP video card that has HDMI output (for my MCE box)?

I usually head over to CompUSA (As they are 5 minutes from the house) and have a look at the cards to see what they have. It is a great hands on as well as all of the specifications are there in black and white on the box, and a good way to see what price ranges are at the time. If something is really a good deal, I will get it then and there. Otherwise, I will write down the model # of a few, and Froogle them when I get back to the house (Or I have been known to go to the Mac Section and look it up on one of their computers) as for sme reason, they are the only PC's with an Internet connection, at least in my local store.

As for the HDMI, I honestly do not think, in any way, you can go wrong, even with a cheaper cable. It is a digital signal, and does not suffer the same types of interferences, and such as an analog signal does. At least from what I have seen here with the cheaper cables that I have purchased many, many times.
(Looks like "Best Deals" wants $50 for a 3" DVI and it's not even gold plated!)

I just wanted to pop in here, saw this while doing a search online.

My cables are actually all gold plated, and my digital cables (DVI, HDMI, DVI-HDMI) also use silver plated copper conductors.

Granted there are sure alot less expensive products out there, but, comparing our products, to other companies with like items, you'll find were on average of 30-50% less. (products from companies like Audioquest, Bettercables, Cardas, Transparent, etc...)

Just wanted to set the record straight on the comment I quoted above.

Jason Kuenkler (Owner/Designer of bestdealcables)
I placed an order with Monoprice late Thursday afternoon (HDMI->DVI cable), and received it already! I opted for the cheapest shipping method, which usually means at least 1 full week before it even gets here, since it's coming from CA, but not this time. Truly impressive! It also looks like the shipping charge is exactly what the post office charged this company, another nice advantage.