Better UPB Scene Controllers


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Is anyone aware of any forthcoming UPB scene controllers?

I am looking at using the HAI scene controller, however, after testing one of them, I am a little disappointed (not to mention the wife is also).

I would love it, if something in the styling of the crestron or centralite would be available.

Basically, and 8 button scene controller with user changeable lettering and easy to push buttons (the HAI buttons are soft and it's not clear its been pushed).

Having to send the units back to HAI for engraving doesn't sound like fun especially when I'm not 100% sure of the scenes.

The controller should also be illuminated (something I don't like about the Simply Automated controllers).

There should also be a light level variation when a scene is on.

Any ideas?

well, since you've named 2 out of the 3 UPB manufacturers, the only one left to look at is PCS, and they also require custom engraving for their scene controllers. as for feel, i don't know... never used them.
I was noticing that the switchlinc keypads are more in line with what I would be looking for. I suppose I could use the WGL x10 to upb interface and use something like that (they much cheaper also).

Anyone using an X10 to UPB interface sucessfully?
Having to send the units back to HAI for engraving doesn't sound like fun especially when I'm not 100% sure of the scenes.
For custom engraving, with either HAI or PCS, you don't send the untis back for engraving. They will send you new inserts to put in the keypad.
Anyone using an X10 to UPB interface sucessfully?

I used one of these. It was only one at the time that supported UPB Links. Little complicated to program but worked great receiving X10 and controlling UPB

There may be another option. Did you ever install an Elk or HAI panel, or do you have any other HA system? If so, you can build your own scene. Forget the X10 to UPB bridge. Use the keypadlinc or any trigger device you want. Assuming use with Elk... Just have a rule WHENEVER <button you press> IS ACTIVATED, THEN <adjust all your lights, (do your scene)>. You still have your issue of what keypad you want, but if you decide on the x10 keypad at least you would not need to get the converter. If you're strictly trying to do it with UPB peer to peer then you will need the converter.
Good idea on the ELK - I do have an ELK.

AutomatedOutlet - I thought last time I inquired about that the controller had to be sent back.

Anyway - if that's the case, I understand the engraving is like $30 - So I could just send the specs for the buttons with an order? That would be cool.

Also - on the buttons - do you know what is the practical text length for the small buttons on the 6-button controller.

For example, I'm wanting a controller on the entrance to the kitchen - Top button is std ON scene, botton is off, small button 1 is LOW, small button 2 is CLEAN, small button 3 is HALL, small button 4 is PANTRY, last large button is OFF.

PANTRY seems long to put on the small round buttons.
"PANTRY" is definately not too long, our demo unit has the word "ROMANCE" stamped across one of the smaller buttons.