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I'm sure all of us have a " Cocoon " of wires and switches laying behind our terminals. Sometime in the near future I need to get a handle on this. As it is now, my wife REFUSES to clean in my computer room. So when ready I'm sure I'll be hammering here for ideas and such!
the idea of your wife cleaning a computer room is scary enough, don't want them to buff/polish your live cat5 jacks now do you :) I got a cheap leviton patch panel, that I still have to install (waiting for a cheap rack or I can't mount it), and I use phone punchdown blocks to connect stuff to my gameport. I just need to finish mounting all this stuff.
Ugh I'd forgotten about the wires behind my tv. I guess I can add that to my "To Do" list...right behind cleaning out my closet.
I am starting the process of making order of my wiring mess. I thought I would post a before picture (for reference ONLY! Do not try this at home!)

that looks so familiar! ;) I really have to start building a nice cabinet, just gotta get 4 rackmount rails, I am planning on putting wheels on the cabinet and lots of other goodies. Please share any tips you might have!
After tossing around the idea of using a closet, I reversed course, and am now considering a set of shelves on casters. That way, when I want to access the back, I can move it for better access. BJ's Wholesale has a really nice set of chrome shelves that are extra heavy duty (Hold 350 lbs each) and have wheels, that I am considering using. ($69!)
wow, do you have a picture of these shelves? (an ad or something, or model # will do). I will be able to move my cabinet around too, but I do like shelves.
I recently cleaned my computer room, got a new desk too. It's alot better than it was before, but there are just so many wires ;)

I will be picking up these shelves probably tomorrow. I'll snap a pic.

The specs as I remembered them:

Height: 1 8ft, or 2 4 foot shelves. (I am going to cut the sides and make a 5 foot unit)
Width: 72 Inches
5 or 6 shelves, all hold 350 lbs

I ran up to the store at lunch, and picked up a unit. I was afriad that they night all get sold. Turns out that they were ALL still there.

The Shelves weigh 80 pounds! All nicely chromed.

The Width is 4 ft.
Capacity with when using wheels 283 lbs/shelf x 6 shelves. I'll snap a picture when I get them assembled.
Just saw the video feed of the shelves. Very sweet. I'm sure he'll snap a few stills for us as well. RIGHT SKI????? :unsure:
I bought a grab bag of velcro ties from Radio Shack just to control the wire problem. Tie it every 6-8 inches and its somewhat tolerable.
I thought about doing something like that, but I plug/unplug componets too often. BUT... might be good idea to at least roll up the excess then zip tie it! thanks