Big Wiring Project This Weekend!!!


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Dear Fellow Cocooners,

Well, the plan has changed a little. The "friend" that was going to do my wiring for me for "cheap" came back and told me it was going to be $9000 just for labor. That does not include the wire, finishing work, terminations, etc.....

We just can not afford that much. It is going to be close to $15000 once we get all of the material and such. So I am putting out a plea to all cocooners.

Is there anyone who would be willing to be flown out for the weekend to do the wiring with me? I would pay for airfare, hotel accomodations, and food =). The timeframe is asap, but this weekend and the following week would be perfect. I realize this is a huge undertaking, and that most people have no way of doing this on such short notice. However, it does not hurt to ask.

Please let me know if anyone would be able to. Maybe we can make it into a CT how-to with video, etc!!

Take care guys!

This is a custom house being done Owner-Builder. There is no general contractor to deal with. Everything goes through us.

Plus, it is just low-voltage, nothing that will burn the house down. I also realize this is part of asking someone to do this un-officially. You get what you pay for =)

So no worries about liability, as long as you guys know what you are doing hehe.

Sorry I didn't mean to be harsh (just replying fast as I have to get out of the house soon).

You should at least offer to sign some sort of release as even though this is low voltage wiring, a peson needs to be licensed in order to install it (unless it is their own home).

Maybe there is a loop-hole that could be used since you are the owner, but I'm just throwing out this possible problem! ;)
Thanks for your help BSR. I will contact my project-manager to find out about the liability issues. Hopefully he will know the wiring requirements in our area.

Thanks BSR!

Also, I may have someone who is willing to fly out, but he doesnt want to go alone. Any takers?
woops.........that might help!

I am located in Temecula, California. We are about an hour from downtown San Diego. Just south of Orange County.

Thanks guys!
Hey Corey;

One other thing you need to check on is getting some sort of extender policy or perhaps a writer on this new place to cover you in case a contractor, friend, etc... gets hurt on your new property. Even if the contractor is licensed and is "supposed" to be covered, this is a good idea. The contractor could have forgot to pay his insurance or other complications could develop.

My friend who I am helping with his new house build suggested to remind you of this. He told me he knows of someone who was in a legal nightmare when a licensed contractor got hurt on his property.

Again, this information is offered only to help you, not to give you additional hassles. Building a house is a large project as I'm sure you are finding out. There are so many details that sometimes items such as what I'm describing get overlooked.

I've helped my friend with drawings, licensing, permits, wiring, and various other construction tasks so I'm right there with you on how difficult a job this is!

I just finished wiring up his RJ-45 jacks and mounting the Elk panel in his wiring closet. We still have a lot to go, but at least the "nasty" stuff is finished. We already have all his door and window sensors in, just have to install the motions, glass breaks, keypads, and speakers. Also have a lot to do in the wiring closet itself as you can see.

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Good luck to you.
Find one of the community colleges that has HVAC programs and get one of the students that would want the experience to do it.

With the money you would spend of air fair, you could pay him modest wages.

ver0776 said:
Find one of the community colleges that has HVAC programs and get one of the students that would want the experience to do it.

With the money you would spend of air fair, you could pay him modest wages.


I must say, that is an excellent idea! ;)

Maybe even look into a tech school/program.
HVAC programs..........I will look into that.

Is there a reason for just the HVAC program students? What is it about HVAC that qualifies them?
Well, it is like the difference between a doctor and a nurse. Even a doctor in training will know all of the nurse's abilities. But you get a nurse in training and she will not even know all the nurse stuff.

LV skills are nothing to an electrician in training, but if you go for a LV student, he might not even know LV very well. Just my feelings you would not want some guy in a LV class that has 2 weeks of experience chopping up your house.

There are more experienced people in this are on this board, some in training/school, maybe some of them will chime in. Like BSR said, a Vo-Tech might be a good option, they seem to stress the real world experience and are probably more approachable than a college.

What is a good way to "hunt down" these college students? I am not exactly sure how to get a hold of them.

Wire Party can be rescheduled to the Weekend of April 21 if it would make more people available.

The wiring does not have to be this weekend. Yes, it would be preferable, but the electrician is not going to be done until the end of next week. Therefore, the pre-wire could be done the week and weekend after Easter.
What did you end up doing/finding out?

I grow weary of wiring, esp as I have a 4yr old & a 2yr old and only get a few hours at a shot. At this rate, it'll take me MONTHS to finish up my house.

I figure me & 2 others could do everything in a day or so, but alas where to find 2 folks...