Bill Gates unveils XBOX 2 !!!TONIGHT!!!

Son of a... glitch!

Came home to see that the puter rebooted..... AAARGGGHHH!

Must have been a power failure..... that or I really pissed off the HTPC gods...

:( ;)

At this point all I can say is... AAARRRGGGHHH!
1) UPGRADE to Windows Media Center ;)
2) You can't put a shortcut in the start menu to automatically start up after a reboot?
For anyone that missed it you didnt miss much. It was the dumbest show i ever watched in my life. All tey did was showed people playing video games. They didnt really talk about the features of the xbox other than everything is wireless now and it has changable face plates. I guess Bill will present something more tech oriented in the future. The MTV show was just a waste of my time.

I watched the first 5 minutes, to see what it looks like, then turned the channel. There are tons of reports online showing what the machine can do, with more pictures as well, just check google news.
Ah the nice thing about Tivo - fast forward.
Xbox 360 has a Vertical footprint as opposed to the original Horizontal.
Seems to have a default look closer to Apple ish
Replaceable front panel ("skinnable")
A surround lit Power switch (WOW)

I guess I'm not the target market for that 1/2 hr show. Waste of time.

Oh, the next nice feature about a Tivo - the Delete button
I thought the biggest news was that they have abandoned the Intel processors and switched to the IBM PowerPC. I believe it will run at 3.2Ghz with three symetric processor cores, IIRC.
Official XBox 360 Specs

1) UPGRADE to Windows Media Center wink.gif
2) You can't put a shortcut in the start menu to automatically start up after a reboot?

I have MCE... don't like it :(
Yeah, apparently I forgot to setup the auto-logon when I installed this OS.

After reading some of the "reviews", Im almost glad I didn't record it.
At least it didn't miss one my girl's shows ;)