I have customers that use a combination thumb scanner and card pass to get into restricted areas.

What are you using or planning on using yours for?
Staples had them on sale last week for $39.95. I used one at work on Win2K for a while but it was more trouble than it was worth. I guess those years of filing my prints payed off in a negative way. :lol:
Not real sure what I am going to do with it, it was just cheap enough to play with. It is a good login/password keeper and works pretty darn well.
You can set it to auto fill sites (using your global Windows login) or set it to require another "touch" to access other sites... like a on line banking site.
Use?, It will probably allow me to retire "RoboForm"... other than that, not having to type in any more user names and passwords ,I don't know what other uses it might have... yet:)
Don't know about the 2003 question as my X30 does not have a USB port.