Has anyone found a way to integrate a fingerprint scanner door lock, or something similar to the Elk M1G? I'd like to find a way to tie the system to such a door system. Ideally, I'd be able to keep the Elk in control of the user IDs. If not, I guess I could revert to a typcal door strike system.

The Elk M1 series can use any Weigand compatible reader. I did a search for 'Weigand finderprint' and got several results, but most are very high end. At least there are options.
You are right, BSR.

Adam, ,if you fix only the second word you will get them. Truly. I"m not the only one who spells wrong the wiegand word. :)

But, if you try BSR's search you will get a lot more. Oh , yes. ;)
I would recommend the FGR006 ( that support up to 1,000 fingerprint and provides a standard 26 Bit Wiegand output that connects directly into the M1KP.

Fingerprints can be programmed in via a Master Card or programming software.