Blockbuster 1.1


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filename : custom_blockbuster.txt
version : 1.1
description : grab the latest video releases from
author : electron
1) copy this script to the homeseer\scripts directory
2) create a virtal device
3) create an event to manually run this script
4) setup wizard will kick in and help you setup the configuration
5) fine tune your event, and specify the mode you want to use (see below)
6) the config file can be manually edited, you can find it in the config/custom_settings.ini location

1 -> only update device string
2 -> only announce new releases for today
3 -> only email new releases
4 -> only save to disk (saved in the ini file)
d -> turn on debugging mode
* modes can be mixed , example: 134d (will use mode 1, 2, 3 and turn on debugging)
syntax: custom_blockbuster.txt("main","mode"), if no mode has been specified, it will automatically select 1

usage examples :
* call with your cell any time to find out new video releases while on the road, saving time & money when nothing interesting is available
* announce todays new movie releases, as part of the good morning routine
* email yourself on a weekly basis to find out when your favorite movie will be released
* use mode 4 to save the new titles to disk, allowing you to read the file and display the titles on your tv, betabrite, etc ...

version 1.1 (08312003): added support for multiple modes at the same time
version 1.0 (08282003): added debug/email/disk features, added setup wizard, cleaned up code
version 0.9 (08262003): created script


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I've tried this script and cann't get it to update the device. I also posted in the Homeseer forum awhile back about get this to work and asked JohnWPB to send me a copy. His modified script worked great until I lost my hardrvie (yeah I know I routinely do backups now).

But anyways to the point he stated that

"The command to check to see what mode was asked for has the line of code:
If Instr 1,strMode,"d") Then

This is just a simple test to compare a varriable, for some reason this does NOT work on my system. I replaced the debug line with:

if mode = "d" then

and it worked fine. I then went through the script and replaced all of the occurances and the script now works flawlessly! Does anyone have any idea why this VB command will not work on my system? I am running Windows XP Pro with the latest version of HomeSeer (As of this posting 1.6.119).

Is there some sort of VB SDK or upgrade that I need to install or something? I am sure if I have run into this, that there must be others out there wondering why certain scripts do not work ect. There also must be other commands or functions added other than this one that I am at the moment incapable of executing."

I tried editing the script to do this myself but without any luck. Someone mind helping out a bit.

Considering I wrote this script, I will be able to help you, but I probably won't have time until this weekend, so feel free to remind me this weekend if you don't hear from me, my memory is pretty bad :D