Blockbuster VS Netflix


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I think Blockbuster is gonna win but we will see how good their service is. Right now you can sign up for Blockbuster for only $17.99 a month. If you sign up now you will receive and E-mail allowing you to print out a coupon for a free Shrek 2 movie. The one thing that blockbuster has over Netflix is that Blockbuster is giving away 2 coupons a month for free game rentals at your local store. This is like an $8 value as long as you return them on time.

Netflix used to be $23 a month but has since matched blockbusters rate at 17.99 for 3 movies at a time. As long as blockbuster can match the speed of delivery of the movies i will be switching to them. If not then i will keep netflix.

Let the wars begin!
I'm a little confused by your post. Isn't Blockbuster's selection limited to what they have in the store? Don't you pay the $17.99 a month and to get your movies you have to go to your local store to pick them up and drop them off?

One of the things I like about Netflix (have been using it for over a year now with only 1 bad disc) is that it's just a matter of going to my mailbox to pick movies up and drop them off on top of having such a huge selection to choose from.

What would be really slick is if Blockbuster could/is doing a combination where they have movies for rent through a website that get mailed but you could also go to a local store to pickup other movies and drop movies off that you already have.

If Blockbuster is doing something like that I might just switch.
Blockbuster is just like netflix. They mail the DVD's to your house and you just drop them back in the mail with already paid shipping on their envelope. It is identical to netflix except when your searching for movies you categories are on the left side of the webpage instead of the right side.

You are not limited at all.
Keep in mind that NetFlix just partnered with Tivo in order to reach more people, and NetFlix has more experience doing online rentals.
I just finished a two week free trial for Blockbuster in which I was actually paid $12 to try it. I was able to get 6 DVD's (not all the ones I wanted the most from my que as some have 'long waits' on them). I also got the two free in store coupons. It was a great deal to try but for me there is not enough movies coming out every month to justify paying the price. With the ship times 2-4 days and the watch times, how many movies will you actually be able to push through the system?

With netflix i am getting atleast 6 movies a month and sometimes more. We watch it and send it back the same day it arrived. We are lucky enough to have a drop mail box on the corner of our street so its not a headache to drop the movies in. I have never had to wait for a movie with them and i certainly will not stick with blockbuster if they are constantly making me wait for movies. I can get that type of service in their store.

For me the money is well worth it because we like to watch movies but if your not going to send the movies back everyday and keep putting new ones in your que then it is not worth it. The two free game rentals a month from blockbuster is what has me excited. At $50 a game for games i get bored with in only a few hours i think renting them would be much better.
I've been very pleased with Netflix. They have a wider selection than Blockbuster, and since I don't game, no benefit from those coupons. Netflix also has two distribution centers near the NYC area which cuts down delivery time to next business day
I had Blockbuster for two months. No specific problems with the service except that it took 4 days each way for DVD's to arrive. That doesn't make for many movies per month.

Switched to Netflix last month and so far, I like it much better. One day (each way) for mailing.
gah, I'd love to get 1 or 2 day delivery with NetFlix. Right now it takes 3 one way so I've gotta wait nearly a week before I get a new disc.

Problem I have is that I don't have cable so I only watch movies or shows that I've bought on DVD. 6 days kinda sucks but I still dig the service.
I canceled blockbuster today because i found out that it could be upto 2 weeks for my movie "Supersize Me" and "White Chicks" to get here. They say they are out of stock right now.

So far i have never had netflix be out of stock of any new movies. So i printed out the free coupons and canceled my trial membership. I might try it again in a year or so if nexflix stops sending me my movies next day.

I guess it depends on where you live. If your not getting your movies within 2 days then the service is not worth having. You would be better off going to the video store and renting it or better yet just go to wall-mart and dig though their $5.99 DVD pile. you can usually find good DVD's at wall-mart. Blockbuster usually has good deals on previously watched movies also.
Don't forget that Wal*Mart (online) has DVD rentals too, around $16/month I believe, and they have a 30day trial going on right now.