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So my current server is suffering from SHDS (small Hard Drive Syndrome)... In addition there is no room for expansion. my wife likes to take lots of pictures where ever we go so that eats up drive space quickly. I decided it was time to upgrade and with more storage space for her that surely improved the WAF, and MavRic was kind enough to share his list of his recent build with me. Here is the items I ordered based on slightly modifying his configuration. This box will run w2k3 server as the os, and have the rolls of file server, HA server, HT server (hopefully SageTV soon), audio server hoping I can split the onboard 7.1 output into "zones" (if not here comes a delta410 audio card. ), and any other rolls I can throw at it I don't see it not handling any of them! The MB has 2 sata controllers, so on one will be the 250Gb drive which will be my "os and programs" drive while on the other controller will be the 3 1Tb drives will be in a raid5 configuration giving me 2TB of storage ;) I think that should be enough "for now" with room for 3 more drives!

1 x ($69.99) CASE ARK|SRVR RKMT 4U-500-CA - Retail

5 x ($1.49) ROSEWILL 18" SATAII CABLE BLK - Retail

1 x ($129.99) MB GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3P P45 775 R - Retail

1 x ($33.99) VGA ASUS EAH3450/HTP/256M RT - Retail

1 x ($32.99) ADD ON CARD SYBA | SY-PEX-4S RT - Retail

1 x ($59.99) PSU ANTEC|EA430 430W RT - Retail

1 x ($167.99) CPU INTEL|C2D E8400 3G 775 45N R - Retail

1 x ($21.99) CARD READER NMEDIA|ZE-C98 R - Retail

1 x ($55.99) MEM 2Gx2|GSK F2-8500CL5D-4GBPK R - Retail

1 x ($47.99) HD 250G|ST 7K 8M SATA2 ST3250310AS - OEM

3 x ($99.99) HD 1T|SEAGATE 7K ST31000528AS OEM - OEM

1 x ($23.99) DVD BURN SONY|AD-7240S-0B % - OEM

I am any suggestions or items I left out?

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