Bluetooth based virus infects Lexus cars

This actually made me laugh out loud... The mental picture of a Lexus driver being given wrong directions, or told he can't get his favorite stations due to a virus just made my day.... especially the snooty types around here.

"I am sorry Dave, I cannot drive you there today"
Finally a new carer. Writing virus for cars. ;) I can see it now. Rush hour on the Beltway dozens of Lexus cars stalled all around DC....
I thought I was going to be reading a good article but that article sucked. The topic is a good one and funny also but I am going to have to give the article two thumbs down for lack of information. I thought I was going to read about a specific insident where a car got hacked. This was nothing more than some guy speculating what could happen. Sorry if I sound bitchy but I have read just one two many articles from new sources that are suposed to be reliable and the articles simply suck and serve no pupose.
The article states that they have found 2 Lexus models infected, so it did happen. Even if they do know the OS details and such, they probably won't release the details right away, or every kid on the block would try to infect these vehicles ;)
It does not give any detail about the virus. What harm did this virus cause. Is there a possibility that the virus could damage other windows systems and not just those in cars. What are the symptoms of the virus and how would a lexus owner know if he has been infected? Was this virus writen specifically to damage cars or was it an existing virus that just happen to find its way into the car. Were the viruses writen by lexus just to test and see if there were any holes in their system? It seems to me that if it was only two cars then it was probably a controlled eviroment and not really a big deal. If this is a problem will there be a way to patch the holes in the system?

So many questions still remain and I don't think the article should have been published so soon. If lexus declined to talk about the issue it means that they were not ready to provide the public with all the facts or that they do not have the facts yet. So why post an article speculating what could happen if there are now hardcore facts. Why make your readers more stupid then before they read your article. Now all of the readers are going to start rumors and eventually there will be so much mileading information on the internet that it will be impossible to weed through whats true and false.

This article is minor in comparison of some of the others that i read this week. I can't recall the other articles right now but I know I was thinking that they were probably elementary school projects that some 9 year old kid did the research for. In fact most 9 year olds probably do better research than these professional writers.

Were are all the facts?
I guess I am a little tired and grumpy. Maybe a good nights worth of sleep will help. Sorry to ruin everyones mood!
Squintz shot my mood all to heck...

Perhaps all I need is a little drive, now where is my Lexus again? I coulda swore it was in the driveway....

A cross-species infection? Isn't that how AIDS supposedly started? Be careful - if your TTS starts sneezing, you may have brought a virus home to it via your cell phone...
I'm glad I have a cheap cell phone without bluetooth. But maybe I need to start worrying about my PDA, though. Don't know what I might pick up - especially while at lunch from places that have free WiFi (e.g.,