Bluetooth Headset for VR


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I have a Bluetooth headset for my cell phone. If I have a Bluetooth adapter for my laptop, would I be able to use it for Voice commands into Homeseer.

Does any know if this will work before I buy the adapter for my laptop?

Has anyone done this?
I have it set up throughout my house. I have my living room computer set up with the belkin 100 meter bluetooth adaptor and use it with my headset without any problems. I can go anywhere in the house still hearing homeseer and able to issue voice commands. I just tell my wife "resistance is futile".
Which headsets will work with my new Dell D610's built in bluetooth? Is the Bluetooth in laps long or short range?
Hurts right in the gut... :D

A WIDCOMM stack.. A 3rd party stack for BT receivers under Windows XP.

I was referring to the stack that Windows XP uses for Bluetooth receivers.
Windows wants to use it's own BT stack whenever a BT receiver is installed. Even though you load drivers from the Mfr, a lot of times XP loads it's drivers right back.

The issue is that the Windows BT stack does not have a headset profile. (not real smart)
The result: Your BT adapter will not "see" your headset.

The solution is covered here (I don't read anything with skype in the URL) ;) :