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I just set up a DVR in my PC and got it working pretty good. I'd like to split the signal from each camera and put it to my TV also. Should I use F connectors and a 2 way splitter or should I use BNC with a BNC splitter? Will this degrade my signal too much? Also, does anyone have any good internet sites to order these connectors. My local stores want 3 times as much as online sellers.
I'm no wiring god, but i don't see why an f-splitter would be any better or worse than a BNC splitter. Its all RG58/59/6, the only difference is the locking mechanism around it.

However, you can get powered F splitter/amplifiers cheaply enough, so there's an argument in that direction.
Most video cameras have a 75 ohm output impedance. Most video inputs (DVR) are in-turn 75 ohm. Using a Y or T type splitter will lower the load impedance seen by the camera to 75/2 (37.5) ohms. Some cameras might drive this load however it is not good practice as the signal level will be reduced (sometimes to unusable levels). IVB’s recommendation of using a powered splitter is right on the money.

This is a typical device:

And here is a link to all kinds of AV/RF connectors and adapters.

To support device chaining, some video equipment have switches/jumpers to disable the input termination. You might want to check your DVR to see if the input termination could be disabled.