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Based on some comments that upstatemike made, lets start a thread to see who is using how many of what technology. Please try to avoid hijacking the thread and simply post info about what technology you are using, how many of what type of modules you are using, what interface you are using and if you think it is 100% reliable. I assume that most of us are suing at least some old X-10 style stuff (including SmartHome v1 stuff) so please indicate if you are running a "pure" environment or a mixed environment.

Since I just moved, I only have about 3 old X-10 plugin modules installed and am debating what to install.
I just posted a pretty lengthly post on my migration plans so I won't duplicate it here.

Currently in my house I have the following:

Elk M1 Gold controller. It is now running all of the household functions
About 70 2-way X10 Switchlinc switch
about 15 Insteon devices running in X10 mode
About 20 Lightolier Compose devices including a firewall for the pool house
30+ X10 wall outlets
about 20 2-way plug-in X10 devices

Plans are to start a migration to UPB
How is your reliability with the X-10 stuff? Especially tracking status with the 2-way modules? When I fist started using 2-way stuff I found that status table in my controller was never 100% in synch with reality. I soon switched to using 1-way relay switches and little 12V tansformers at the load to get true status. Some of my remote switches in the attic and deep basement rooms could be on for weeks before anybody noticed and I didn't feel I could rely on the 2-way switches to tell me what was really going on.
For the most part it's very reliable. I do have a couple of switches on the remote end of the house though that are about 95% or so reliable. I could probably fix that though by replacing one of the switches with a Keypad that had a booster.
Well, according to HCA, my automation controller, I have 60 devices controlled by 34 different programs. Every switch in my house except the garbage disposal is either switchlinc X10 or SAI UPB. I have 13 hawkeye motion sensors controlling 9 different areas of the house. Additionally, I have two X10 PMS01 motion sensors used for security purposes. Right now, I'm in the process of converting over to UPB. Currently, my office, my daughter's bedroom and the master bedroom are complete. I've also converted my HVAC secondary duct fans from a powerflash/universal module/switchlinc configuration over to a UPB UMI-32/SAI US-1. I use METAR data to control a home-grown sprinkler system and adjust nighttime mode from between 30 to 60 minutes before sunset. I've got two X10 CR11A remote controls lying around the kitchen and family room for general lighting control along with a sundowner plug-in controller in the master bedroom used for all lights off mode which also arms the PMS01 sensors.

I have 2 Boosterlincs, and ACT active repeater and a UPB passive coupler made by PCS. I have one X10 filter on my furnace, another on the TV and a third on the stereo. My X10 interface is a HouseLinc controller and my UPB interface is a USB PCS PIM. Both are connected on a single dedicated circuit going to my 30Amp sub-panel which is itself directly underneath the main panel. I use a W800RF32 directly connected to my server to process all wireless X10 signals.

My HCA installation is also web enabled so I can check and even control my automation system from anyhwere that has an Internet connection. I've actually used the browser on my Tungsten T3/Cingular phone combination via bluetooth to do this.... Pretty geeky eh? :huh: All in all I'd have to say that HCA is an excellent automation program with one of the easiest to use interfaces/programming paradigms that I've ever worked with. My server, an old Dell dual processor Pentium II system runs W2K3 and is solid as a rock. I've never had to re-boot it since upgrading to W2K3 server.

The system is generally reliable but I do have occasional times where the system misses a hawkeye trip. I'm still trying to get to the bottom of this since the W800 diagnostic program shows that this should only happen extremely rarely due to the speed of wireless X10. I'm beginning to think that HCA misses closely spaced W800 data. So far, I haven't had enough time to do comparisons and the problem is pretty infrequent so I'm not really too motivated either....
Maybe I need to clarify my original post... I am looking to see who is using how much of the various new technologies (Z-Wave, UPB, Insteon) and if you are in a "pure" or "mixed" (still have X-10 also) technology environment. I would also like to know if you think your system is 100% reliable.

I am looking for quick & dirty posts like:
12 Insteon devices, no X-10, 100% reliable
16 UPB devices, 10 SmartLinc 2 way devices, 20 1 way, coupler & boosterlinc. UPB is 100%, X-10 is 98%

Since it is real hard to get sales data (other than Martin , who says he is selling mostly UPB), we have to resort to survey like this to gauge sales.
Ah, now I get it :huh:
Something like 40 X10 devices of different makes/ models / years.
The ACT coupler / reciever / amplifier is what makes the setup 99% reliable to send commands.
Still don't have the 2 way devices setup properly to gauge how that works.
I have a ton of subpanels, mainpanels, miles of wire, a barn 250 ft away, all kinds of signal sucking (supposedly) UPSs, multiple compressors and high amp devices and the X10 is still reliable thanx to the ACT.
I have approximately 100 X-10 modules, mostly 1-way, of mixed brands including Smartlinc, Leviton, BSR, ACT, etc. About 15 transmitters including wall controllers, mini controllers, a few two way switches and a computer controller. No other technologies yet.

No more than 85% reliable with some switches randomly turned on by noise or legitimate signals that have been corrupted. Others have reception problems due to low signal strength.

Most signal suck issues are due to computers, TVs, and UPS units that are frequently moved from place to place within the house. Have used signal repeater/couplers by Leviton, ACT, and Smarthome singly and in various combinations. I also use several boosterlincs and have signal meters for troubleshooting.
Never saw the F bright problem. I often get strings B9 bright that seem to come from outside of my house. (But this was happening before boosterlinks were invented). My service feed wire is too big for one of those filters that isolate you from your neighbors.

I have had some funny things happen if I put two boosterlinks on the same branch circuit. They can be tricky to use sometimes.
Well, if you don't want us to boast about our setups, why did you title this thread using that word :huh:

I've noticed your F bright problem too and traced it back to the switch settings on my ACT coupler. When I go home today for lunch all post what my current settings are. Since making the adjustments, my phantom issues have disappeared.
kwilcox said:
I've noticed your F bright problem too and traced it back to the switch settings on my ACT coupler.  When I go home today for lunch all post what my current settings are.  Since making the adjustments, my phantom issues have disappeared.

I started THIS thread to continue our discussion of this problem you found with the ACT coupler (I also have one of those couplers) so this thread doesn't get hijacked.

I would really appreciate your help with this! Seems I was way off base thinking it was coming from my booster linc.


gotcha. I've posted there. Hopefully upstatemike correctly interpreted my :huh: emoticon as meaning "tongue-in-cheek-just-pulling-your-leg-and-yanking-your-chain"
It wasn't upstatemike that started this thread, it was me. I just took a comment mike made in a different thread (and didn't hijack it) as the basis for this thread/survey. I also take full responsibility for the poor wording of the original post. You were supposed to read my mind, not read my words. :rolleyes:

I am debating what technology to invest in for this new house and am trying to separate theory from reality by seeing what really works for people. Insteon is appealing to me as I love the functionality of the KeyPadLincs and I don't have existing X-10 signal suck issues, but I am nervous about any new technology, especially since SmartHome never fixed the A1 power reset glitch in the current SwitchLinc products.