My problem with any of these video text display devices is that most use composite inputs. My current setup has 3 inputs for my primary TV input. One is a direct cable connection for normal viewing. The second one is a direct connection from my Tivo box. The third is from my Sony home theatre receiever that is used for playing DVD's, VHS, ect. So it makes it kinda hard to try and use one of those. I decided to use TTS for CID which is really nice. It anounces a caller throughout the house.

yeah I am using TTS myself and "net send", but I really like these devices since you can display any info (Garbage reminders etc). I guess it's almost better to get a BetaBrite display, just need to figure out how to integrate one of those without killing the WAF.
It would be nice to have some sort of Laser Text Projector to write on the wall or ceiling and be hidden from view.