Boca Devices - Z-Wave


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Has anybody heard from this company lately. I know the produced a Z-Wave to X-10 module about 6 months ago. I was looking on there web site and they have a few more products which caught my interest. (RelayZ) There is not alot on information on their website and I tried to send a message to the info email but it bounced.

I noticed that their USB dongle is update/upgradeable by the end user as well as a couple of their other products.

Maybe some of the Z-Wave experts will have some insight into their product line

Here is a link to their site:

- Mike
Hey Mike;

If you're really, really interested in contacting this company, I found the business card of their president which I obtained visiting their CES Booth last January.

Send me a PM. :D


I called the phone number listed in the Contact section on their website. I left a message on the voice mail system. The v-mail box belong to Jim who returned my call right away.

Jim and I had a great conversation about his products and when they would come to market. I invited him to visit/participate in Cocoontech and also participate in the Friday Chats. I told him he could contact BraveSirRobbin or Electron (I hope that is fine) if he had any question/concerns.

- Mike