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Bond bridge


So, I'm about to move into a new house and it looks like I'm going to need to write a Premise driver for a bond bridge. Anybody else have experience with these? Anybody want to try a driver if I make one? I am planning to use it to control my ceiling fans and exterior motorized mosquito screens. There is a local API (no cloud/internet) for it, although it is based on HTTP and looks overly complex.
BTW - I am using Lutron RadioRA2 for my lights and interior shades and I plan to use Premise to allow my RadioRA2 keypads to control the ceiling fans and exterior screens.


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Didn't realize anyone was still around. Sure, I'd been interested in trying it out. Given my house is all RA2, should be a decent like environment.
I was going to use it for a fireplace, but decided to move.
Living in Hawaii; I wonder if I can use it for the a/c.

I just thot I can use it for my Minkaire fans. They have a different RF, so they don't lend themselves to working with RA2, other than via a switch...