Borg Display Software Issue


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I have a Borg Display Protégé 15 running WES7.
I have been trying to load the updated software for CQC and keep getting the following error: “api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll error”
From what I have read I need to download MS Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable
When I try that I get error: “0X80240017”
I have run windows update and it says I am current but I know I do not have SP1
When I try and run SP1 (KB976932) I get: “Service Pack 1 can’t identify the version of windows on this computer” 
I have googled and tried all kinds of things to fix this and have all but given up.
Any ideas?
Anybody out there have one of these machines?  I know Borg went out of business so no help there.


There is (are) today available versions of Windows 7 lite which is close to Windows 7 embedded. 
It is just a stripped down version of Windows 7.


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Im pretty sure they run XP embedded so i would stick to that.  I had one once. I can't remember what I did with it, but I remember problem after problem.


OP originally stated that the device was running WES7.
Here run that on one test touchscreen using an HP thin client with a 4Gb IDE OS with a single core Atom.
Here installed an SSD on the thin client and was able to upgrade W7e with more space.
Yeah here running fully open XPe on my tabletops.  These are Intel SoC dual threaded Atom CPUs with 512Mb's.
I remote to these using VNC and rarely use a keyboard on them. 
Backup / image them to a USB stick using VNC and a very old program called Snapshot.
I can restore them same way.
Before XPe I ran a lite version of XP and they did fine.  (also W7 lite / embedded and W8e - slower but did run)
These tabletops are faster than the HP Thin client.  (HP 5740e with 2Gb RAM, 4Gb OS and N280 Atom).
Take it apart  and fine out what the OS runs on and see if you can boot an OS via a USB stick.