Borg Displays, Beware


I participate in many forums and I apologize to those members that participate in other forums as I do and will see this warning posted in other places. I purchased a Borg Display, right before the ipads where released. Unfortunately my experience with them has been less than positive.

Please note that I am posting this warning on forums I frequent. Based on my searches, few people here have used their products. Never the less I wanted to share my experience with the company. I purchased a Protege display from them over a year ago. Right after the warranty expired they monitor started to flicker and the display was not working. I contacted the company and they stated that the problem was a faulty LCD bulb. They told me that in order to fix it I had to ship the monitor to China and pay for the repair. Of course I am thinking WTF...

With all the solutions now available shipping to China was not an option. So I keep on digging and over the course of 10 months they made up several excuses. I was not buying the LCD bulb one, so I requested the software to re=flash the unit. They could not even get to me the right image, I ended up doing some online searches until I came across the correct image for my display. After flashing the unit is still not working properly, if you apply pressure on the screen it stays on, otherwise it would go off. I decided to open the unit as it sounded like a contact problem, at this point I had nothing to lose. To my surprise I find the cause of my problems. The display is attached to the motherboard with a ribbon, then only thing holding this ribbon in place is a piece if masking tape. Yeap, can you believe it, tape is the only thing holding the ribbon in place.

So I contact them with my discovery and to my surprise they call me and tell m ethat they have had some issues with quality control in china and that they would make things right. That never happened, their idea of making things right was to tell me that I needed to apply silicon to hold the connector to the board. As if that was not enough, they basically stated that their monitors do not ship that way and more or less put the blame on me. You know if they had sent me at least the tab to hold the darn ribbon in place, I would not have been as upset as I am right now.

I would love to think that it my case was an isolated incident, however they did not seem surprised about my problem and that leads me to believe that they where aware of this problem.

So I guess, I want integrators here to know what they are dealing with if you purchase from Borg Displays.

1- Customer service non existent, they will give you the run around.

2- They do not stand behind their products and u should expect to deal with their Chinese company if problems arise with the merchandise.

3- If my product is an example of their quality assurance, then you will be replacing the equipment every year.

Please note that this is my opinion, based on my expereince with the company. Now question, what should I replace this POS with? I already have a hole in the wall.



PS. After posting this I went trough my emails and I realized that I have made a horrible mistake. I have not been dealing with problems for a year with my display. I checked my emails and I have been trying to get my problems solved for almost two years. Call me an idiot for being so patient lol