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First there is the main breaker, then in my utilities room there's another breaker w/220V coming in then split into 2 circuits that feed the family room (Both rooms used to be the garage), there is also a breaker w/220 going out to into my (new) garage (about 100' away) with 3 110v circuits out and 1 220v circuit  out.
Let me start by saying that I can wire a switch but sure don't want to get into the main panel. Also I can't afford a electrician.
I don't mind messing with the other breakers as I can just turn those off at the main.
So what would someone advise me to do in order to avoid problems ?
With the garage so far away, how would I get signals to my security console ?
Thanking you in advance for your help.
I guess I don't understand the question.

What security console? M1 with wireless ge sensors wouldn't be a problem. X10 (?) there is alot you can do coupler/repeater act would be a start.

What I would say is stick to Zwave (rf) or UPB (powerline) for automation control.
My previous post was/is confusing to me also. Made no sense at all !
No excuse, just the ramblings of an "Old Crow".
Let me try again.
My main breaker is pretty much inaccessible.
There is a 220v breaker panel where the old electric water heater used to be and there is a 220v 3 wire outlet nearby. It's about 25' to 30' from the main breaker.
Because of the distance, would plugging a SignaLinc coupler into the outlet be of benefit ?
Or should I go a different way ? All of my stuff is X10 and I need to bridge the phases.
What would be recommended ?
Thanks in advance.
The best way is if you can install a coupler/repeater like this one in the main breaker box. If you can't do that, yes, the Signalinc coupler/repeater is the next best thing.

In most cases (and especially if the house is over 2,000 square feet), I would recommend one of the mentioned items above because they have a repeater in them as well.
My Smarthome Dryer Outlet Repeater is about 30' from the breaker box and it works fine. As Martin said closer the better