Brite Speech voices available X2

Out..... not happy.

I will just take the option from Homeseer to charge me for the "fixed" NeoVoices.
jwilson56 said:
She is real alright... suck the money right out of ya....
Hehe, this virtual reality is gettting more and more realistic isn't it? (i.e. Womans voice just happening to suck money out of you comment) ;)

Now that the divorce is "official", how do I get rid of her, err... uninstall her on my Homeseer machine (whew, a little to real)??
Don't worry about getting rid of her... you will just wake up one morning and she will be GONE ! :), but hopefully you won't be hearing from her attorney!
jlehnert said:
I always thought it was the men who snuck out in the middle of the night.

Depends on what she looks like the next morning... I "know" she looked real good at 1:00am with a couple of six packs in me! .