Bunch of Insteon for sale


*** SOLD!!! ***

All items have been sold as a complete kit. Thanks everyone for the interest.

I have some Insteon equipment that I bought thinking I would convert over from X10, but decided to just stick with X10 which is working reliably enough for us.

I have:

(1) Table Top Controller
(1) Computer controller
(4) Signal Lincs
(4) Lamp Modules
(1) Keypad
(1) Wall Dimmer

This is essentially the following:

Plug-In Dimmer INSTEON Starter Kit ($129.99 hot deal right now)

Keypad Dimmer INSTEON Starter Kit ($159.99 hot deal right now)

Insteon Development Kit ($199.00)

with one less wall dimmer and one more lamp module.

None of this has ever been installed or used or had power applied. I'd like $250.00 and that includes shipping and paypal fees. E-mail your interest to me at [email protected] .

Photo of everything:


Thanks for any interest!

I never did sell this so I'm bumping it back up with some of the other HA stuff I'm selling instead of creating a new post. New price, $225 shipped to the CONUS. I still prefer to sell it all as a set.