Burglar Interior Nite Follower


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I think I need a new M1 Zone Definition. I need the features of a Definition 06 Burglar Interior Nite but with a Follower feature. The zone is not near a sleeping area, I want the ability to include it at night, but I want it to follow if an entry/exit door is violated first, if not, I want it instant. Any suggestions? Spanky?
You could build such a zone.

Program a zone as a night instant and normally closed zone input. Use a relay normally open contacts across the zone. Write a Rule that if the system is armed and the Entrance Timer is active, close the relay across the zone which will disable the zone during the Entrance time.
I need about 8 of these in the installation I'm working on. I'll convince the customer that it is impractical at the present time and to live with the night delay instead of an instant alarm. I just haven't thought through how it will work on what should just be an interior follower.