Busting Lorex camera!


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Here is Lorex's $139 camera:

Now here is the $9.99 camera I always pimp from www.Geeks.com
(They are out of stock, maybe I helped that heheh)

Now Lorex is including a little IP adapter, but come on!

You could buy 14 of these cameras for the price of one Lorex and it is the SAME camera!

Ok, so your too cool for a $9.99 camera, well they make great gifts, give one to everyone in your family so you can video conference... Give them to single girls/family so they can have a little basic security in their apartment or dorm...

I will put a couple of them up on the web if people need to see them work to believe it...

Camera quality is a relative thing, especially when paired with the cost of the camera!

Some would love a CMOS quality camera for ten bucks and there is certainly nothing wrong with that.

A lot of us have started with this type of camera and elected to obtain a little better quality (say CCD with 420 lines resolution) for of course a lot more money.

It really depends on the individual! :)
Well, Geeks.com is one of those places that has half of their stuff on sale everyday... You have to buy from them when the items in on their Green Light Specials, which is everyday, when it is in stock, since it is out of stock, you are seeing the normal listing price, but it always sells for $9.99 when it is in stock and the Green light sale is going on (1pm-5pm CST)