Buying another Elk M1G. ...Maybe... Recommendations?


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Hi all,
I need to do something to solve a connectivity problem with the Napco Gemini alarm system at a rural Maine property I own, where I run two ISY-994s (one in each of two buildings because a single Z-wave controller doesn't cover both buildings) . The local alarm company  is causing the problem because their proprietary radio "mesh" system that is used for reporting there keeps failing. The solutions they're offering are going to cost me enough that I figure I may as well make my life a bit easier and just change everything out so that the alarm system works with my ISY-994s. Elk does that very well, of course, and I've owned and installed two M1G's in the past (each connected to an ISY). But the local alarm folks don't want to install or support it, so if I go that route I'm probably doing my own install again. All that said, as I look at the Elk site, wow... it is far from inspiring for a few reasons, so I thought I would seek out the forum's opinion and advice.
First, is there any other system that someone recommends, if compatibility with the ISY is a core objective? I run a RPi with polyglot on each ISY, so I could do a nodeserver connection if necessary, although I'm not yet convinced that's ideal. But I'm willing to listen.
Next, what retailers do forum members now like for Elk products? Some of the places noted on Elk's "Where to Buy" page are just scary. Dead links, Sites from about 1995, etc. Who is now considered a reliable dealer? I'm more concerned about that than the absolute lowest price.
Thanks in advance for any input.
Worthington Distribution. Apply for dealer status.
I haven't bought any Elk devices from them, but have bought other things for many years.
Online store is awful; I email when I want something.
Here would reference the whole catalog and preferred to just call them.  Sales folks were very friendly.