Cable install

Im currently running underground utilities to my house. The service meter will be located at the road and run underground to my panel/ utility room about 120 feet away. When the cable co. installs their cable, I believe that they would terminate at the pole/panel I have set up by the street. I would then run an RG6 underground (conduit) and into my video distribution panel. Am I going to have to account for this 120ft of length when planning on the distribution panel? Or, should I try to get the cable co to run their cable directly to my house
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My cable company ran the cable all the way to my house, and even installed it throughout my house. I would think they would do this for you to avoid liability issues. That's one thing I like about Time Warner, they have always been really good about running cable the way you like it, free of charge. Now that my structured wiring panel is almost done, I will be calling them back to help me rerun some of the long runs, since they offered to do it for free (so I don't have to go buy more cable and a crimper).
the cable company should run it underground to your house, the guy who installed my cable even brought it inside and did all the work that I hadnt done ( hooked it to my main panel).

and dan, use the twist on connectors, they work just as well as the crimp on ones, with no need for the crimper
Yuk on the twist ons!
Compression best,
Hex crimp next,
Distant third would be twist.

I am sure they would work, but for the $30 for an excellent crimper and another $10 for a twist cutter I think it's worth "doing it right".
I agree - the twist connectors gave me problems in the past. I'd say they worked about 75% of the time - but if you pulled on them a little too hard - they'll pop right off. I gave up on them and it's work the money for a crimper. I bought an inexpensive one at Home Depot or Lowes (maybe $20) and have been much happier.
that be MX or enduro?

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