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I'm trying to get the GE DL900 software to work on a new computer that uses Windows XP. The modem I have is a Hayes 1200. I can make the computer recognize the modem but the software either tells me Com port error or initialization error. I had the same type modem working on a previous machine with Windows XP and DL900 as well as Ademco Compass Software. Is there anyone out there in alarm land that is familiar with integrating these pieces of equipment. One note is that at one time CADDX had me download a software program named TURBOCOM VIP and I can't seem to find it on my old system and I don't know if this might be the problem because its not on the new system. HELP!
So you are trying to connect the computer to the Caddx via phone (modem) and run the DL900 via this connection?

Or, are you trying to connect the serial port of the Caddx directly to the computer and run the DL900 software from that direct connected computer?
I had a desktop computer with Windows XP that had a Hayes 1200 modem connected via the serial port on the back. I used this computer to remote download Caddx systems in the field from the house. The computer got struck by lightning and I replaced it with a new computer with Windows XP. I'm trying to get the same Hayes 1200 modem connected via the serial port and communicating with alarm panels in the field again. This is the third time I've been thru this with CADDX's software and it always is a pain. In the past I've been able to talk to an Engineer at CADDX who always seems to be able to get me up and running but he's ben promoted and is no longer available for questions. Also as I stated this Engineer had me download a program at one point called TURBOCOM VIP and this may be where my problem is. Thanks
When you go to the modem properties in the control panel, what do you get when you go to the diagnostics tab, and do a query?


If I am not mistaken, Turbocom VIP is meant to be used with winmodems, which yours isn't.
when I do a modem diagnostic check it gives me a hardware ID of mdmgen12

On the first command and response line it reads...
ATQ0V1E0 Success

The next four lines say not supported

The next seven lines ATI1-7 response is 141

whppas said:
Are you talking about the modem diagnostic screen. I'm not sure how to do that.
You can do a screen capture of your screen by hitting the "Ctrl" and "Print Screen" keys. The screen image is now in your clipboard. Then open Paint or any other graphics editing program and "Paste" the image into it. Then just "Save As" a jpg image and attach it to your post.