Caddx fire zone in multiple partitions?


Senior Member
Have an out building that is a few hundred feet from main building.  Set up the second building as a separate partition so it can be armed independently from the main building as it isn't in use as much.  They are totally separate now except for reporting being combined.  Now have some questions...
I see in the manual that zones can be in more than one partition and the note "If a burglary zone resides in more than 1 partition, it will only be active when all partitions are armed.  A zone that resides in more than 1 partition will be reported to its lowest partition."
I haven't found anything on fire zones in multiple partitions but am thinking they would be active in all partitions all the time.  So if I put all the second building zones in both partitions 1 and 2 I am thinking partition 1 will alarm if any fire or burglary zones are tripped in either partition (assuming they are both armed).  So anyone in building 1 would be alerted to the issue which is the main goal.  I would also like the siren or other announcement of partition 2 alarms to happen in the main building when partition 1 is not armed but that doesn't seem possible.
I can test all this of course but was hoping someone might be able to help me with how this would work.