Caddx NX-8 - just bought home, and it has this system installed already.


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When I connected the power to it the siren went off so I had to disconnect the siren from the control panel and find some help.
This system shows it was installed in 2002, and nothing else. No codes or anything. So I am flying blind here.
I am trying to reset the master code so that I can arm and disarm the system, but it seems like this may not be an option.
If not then I am willing to reset it to factory defaults, however I cannot find the instructions for doing that. I do not mind reprogramming it.
With this Covid 19 going on, and if things hit the fan and people get, well,stupid and start doing stupid things, I want my alarm up and running.
Please, help me figure this thing out so I can protect my family.
They keypad is the 148E.
I tried to paste pics but cannot figure it out on here.
Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer.


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You can find a copy of the installation manual for the NX-8 here.

If you don't know the program (installer) code, then you're most likely out of luck. You won't be able to do a reset without the code.

If it was installed by an alarm company, they most likely changed it from the factory default. Often, alarm companies use something like their phone number (e.g. last 4 digits) for the code. So you might try that. Also, look for some 4 or 6 digit numbers handwritten inside the panel, or on the wall nearby.


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I don't recall seeing a full reset jumper on my NX8E board - some brands have that.  You could try a few codes suggested by RAL or google it - might find a way to get in.  Most times people in this situation end up buying a new board.