Caddx NX320 power supply and NX216E connections to main panel


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Putting a panel in my detached garage and the manuals don't have much to go on... Am putting a system in a large detached garage with several door/window/motion sensors and a keypad.  Thinking I may make this it's own zone but not sure on that yet.  Could make it all the same zone.  Main questions are how to interconnect things.  Have an existing NX8E system in the house.    NX320 has com, pos, and data for bus in - this is the run to the existing panel.  These are isolated from the rest of the circuitry. It also has another com and data which appears to be for the NX216E and any keypads in that building.  It doesn't have a pos terminal so apparently I need to program OutA (or other out terminals) to be powered and use it for keypad and sensors?   The other connections on the NS320 seem pretty clear - connections for siren, transformer and battery.   Does this look right?  Any advice on this is appreciated.


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Yes, I think you've got it right.  There is the incoming buss connector (POS, COM, DATA) for connection back to the NX8E. The J2 data bus connections are used for the local buss attached devices (NX216E, keypad).
To provide power to those local devices, you would configure one of the Outputs as an always-on power source.