Caddx Sensor problems in Elk M1


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My M1 is on Bootware 3.2.2 and firmware 4.4.4.

One the past, I got a Caddx sensor give me a Low Battery alert. This motion sensor was registered in the alarm, but since I was not using it (and didn't have that wierd battery type at home) I just disabled it in the alarm. This happened on a prior firmware.

Last week I just noticed that a rule was not responding as another door sensor was triggered. I tested the rule - and it was working fine. Elk-RP, the Ethernet Java applet and the panel itself, when dialing-in, said that there was not Trouble (everything Normal) and the Zone was not violated.

I was not turning on the Alarm for the past month because I have relatives staying with me at home - and they always trigger it. So I admit that I had not looked at the keypad. WHen I did I noticed that it sayd Lost Transmitter. I never noticed a Low battery neither.

Yesterday I added two AAA batteries to the Door sensor, but I could not make it work again. The sensor is still registered in the alarm. I wonder if the sensor list the programming. I cannot believe that a securit sensor of this price would lost the programming only for loosing power.

So I went to the keypad again, and noticed that not only this sensor was reported as Lost. Also my Garage Motion sensor was reported as lost. Also, my Master Bedroom motion sensor was permanently reported as Violated (Open). This should not be possible, because nobody was at the room and also because these sensor trigger only once every three minutes. All this without a Low Battery message.

Do you have any idea of what could be happening? Now I'm not sure if the sensors are the problem. Could this be the Caddx panel, of the firmware?

In the meantime I just ordered a few batteries in eBay. I always assumed that Once receiving a Low Battery message I would have the time to order and receive the batteries before the sensor would die.
Try re-enrolling your wireless zones. Using menu 14:3 on the keypad.

There seems to be some firmware problems with the latest firmware
4.4.4. If you power off the panel you will have to re-enroll the wireless
sensors or they will not work.

On my system I will loose the wireless zones without any messages. I have programmed another set in rules to try find out what is happening.

Cliff s