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Are there any plans to have caller id integrated with the Elk?

I would like to use my Elk M1 speakers to announce caller id.
I have a PC that will announce it but I would like to route it into the Elk as well.

Can this be done with some type of relay and if so can someone point me in the right direction?

Thanks very much in advance,
The Elk M1 vocabulary is rather limited for this, what type of announcements are you planning? Just reading off the numbers? I want my caller ID to announce names, which I don't think the elk can do more than a couple of.

Would adding caller ID input support add any other features? Does anybody have any rules based upon the specific caller? "When Mary calls, then dim the lights" type of thing?
If you just want to use your Elk speakers to handle a PC generated announcement, you can do that. The M1 has a rule trigger based upon the amplifier turning on/off. So you can control the speaker relay and switch it to Elk when Elk wants it, otherwise it hooks up the speakers to the PC. The drawback is what happens when both want to speak at once?

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Thanks for the help Wayne.

I'm using a software package called Phone Plus that allow custom announcements based on caller id number. I was hoping I could run it into the Elk without interfering with the Elk's normal operation. I could proably live with the elk and pc talking at the same time if that was the only option.
I don't think I could come up with a reliable set of rules for trafficing the input to the amplifiers.

Would it be possible to connect the line out on the pc soundcard to the Output One on the Elk panel?
Would I only have to worry about them talking over each other?

The M1 does not have an audio input. Unless both the Elk and the PC have a way to queue messages, having them both try to talk at once is almost unpreventable. I would not connect the PC line or speaker output to the Elk output, you usually cannot parallel outputs like that. Either two sets of speakers or a switching relay sound like your best options.
WayneW, I think that token means mising the output of the PC with the output of Out1 so that everything plays in the same speakers.

token - you will need an audio mixer. There are some expensive ones, but Im sure there are cheap options around.

You are correct in your interpetation of what I was trying to do.

It sounds like it might be more feasible to add separate speakers for this function or to try using the existing intercom system.

Thanks for your help guys. :D