Camera Advice


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What are the things to look for in a security camera? Are any of the cheap cameras on ebay good? How effective are the IR arrays? I need some indoor and outdoor wired cameras so any advice would be appreciated.

Several cocooners, including myself, have purchased cameras from this SITE, which seems to have the lowest prices, but not always the best customer service from some reports.

Make sure you use coax cable designed for CCTV cameras, recommended is RG-59 or RG-6 with copper shield.

For my indoor cameras I purchased a box of used professional CCTV cameras on eBay, like you might see in a bank or retail store.
Ok but what should I be looking for in terms of specs? How important are line resolution, CCD size, CCD type (Super HAD, etc..), lens aperature? What are the best packages for outdoor vs indoor (bullets, domes, etc..)?

Where do you draw the line re: features vs. price?

Personally, I look for 1/3 inch Sony CCD with 400 lines or more, bullet (with or without IR depending upon need). I suspect that most advertisers greatly stretch their IR range claims. They do work, but also give a bit of a halo effect. If you have a motion activated light, then that will probably work better than IR, unless you care about video even when the power fails. Lens size depends upon your needs and it will probably be trial and error or live with whatever you bought. A vari-focal lens lets you tweak to get the exact field of view you want.