Camera recommendations

I want to install cameras on the exterior of my one-story house. The cameras will be mounted on soffits about 10 feet off the ground, and I am concerned about how easy it would be to reach them and disable, tamper with them, or steal them.

Any recommendations on cameras/housings/mounts that minimize the chance of being tampered with?
Many companies sell vandal resistant domes with security screws so the cams cannot be accessed easily, to protect the wiring they have conduit holes on the side and bottom of the units.

Budget is also a concern of course vandal resistant domes can be pricey but I find they look better than standard camera housings on most homes..depending on what you wanna spend you have many options.

Personally I like Axis network cameras such as the 225FD but they are pricey at $800-$1100 depending where you get them, I'm sure companies like Pelco may have similar models in wired or network versions.

You can always buy domes/housings that will fit most cameras you may already own but be aware also that special models with *heaters* may be needed in climates with very cold weather..usually they have a small heater and and fan built in powered by 24 vac.

Here is an example of camera housings for any cameras that have a hole on the bottom conduit can be run to

**As you can see they are pretty big and may not look the best on most homes..might look like the neighborhood prison :)

Here are some examples of cheaper vandal resistant domes with cameras in them

**Basically what it comes down to is what you wanna spend and the quality you are looking for, if money isn't an object I would visit and check out their products...many of them can be found on ebay at good prices.
I just don't believe in vandal proof. Show me one that a can of spray paint or a crowbar won't disable and I will replace all of mine...

Maybe consider burying a camera line out to a tree in the yard and have it facing back at the house. You still have a camera on the house, but the tree camera will film anyone screwing with the house cameras...

And/or if you make your cameras face each other, they can't tamper with one without being filmed by the other. With this approach you can use cheap cameras, and worst case you can replace them, but you still got your footage of who did it.

Many-a-thieves have expressed to me that when they want something, they are going to get it and locks just keep the honest people out. No matter how much you spend on your door, a crowbar opens it all the same... If anything, expensive cameras will just make a bigger target sign.

Just some alternative ideas...

ver0776 said:
Many-a-thieves have expressed to me that when they want something, they are going to get it and locks just keep the honest people out...
So what occasions you to be talking so much with thieves?
ver0776 said:
If anything, expensive cameras will just make a bigger target sign.
I'm sure the average thief cannot look at a camera and tell if its expensive or not..just my opinion.

A camera isn't much good if its recording and after the crime you can't identify the person because you have a crappy image, personally I'd rather spend a bit extra on a high resolution camera...while not everybody can afford high end cameras that cost more the same goes for buy what you can afford.

As for the vandal domes I wouldn't say they are 100% effective..yes anybody can spray paint them but I provided an answer based on the original post where 3DogKnight wanted to protect the camera and the wiring..a vandal dome will securely protect the camera with security screws as most thiefs won't be carrying security well with conduit they cant access the wires.

As for the old camera in the tree trick you would think it would be very easy to cut the wires and what about when the leaves are gone in the fall...your camera/wiring won't be hidden very well.
You can always add a bunch of these with your real ones. Sheer volume should scare anyone from trying to disable 1 or 2...

Tree cam is kinda generic, you can mount one in your street lamp, etc. As for cutting it or hiding it in the fall does not matter, the house cams cover the tree cam, the tree cam covers the house cam... The main point is that they are on film when even close to any of your cameras. Just protect your cameras with cameras...

Isolate the camera enclosure from ground and protect it with 120 Vac :D

Just remember to disable that if you have to re-aim your cameras.