Can a INSTEON KeypadLinc V2 be linked to itself?

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Here is the question of the day:

Can a KeypadLinc V2 be linked to itself? :D

Example: Take a KeypadLinc V2 setup in the 6 button configuration, so that the top and buttom control the load. Can you, and how would you link the remaining 4 middle (A,B,C & D) buttons to the load of the KeypadLinc V2 itself. "A" would set the load to 80% brightness, "B" would set the load to 60% brightness, "C" to 40% and "D" to 20%.

The Pod
Yes you can (I just tried it). First I set the local preset dim level down to about a third and confirmed when I pressed the top button it turned on to that level. Next I held the A button to put it into link mode. Then I held the top button until they linked. Next I held the top button to put it into link mode and linked it back to the A button so that the LED on the A button will go off when the bottom button is pressed. Tested it and the A button gives me the dim level while the top button gives me full brightness.

This might get tricky with more than 1 dim button because of the way the LEDs all sync together. There is a way to have just the "active" button lit by using scenes as described in the full user manual. This test just confirmed that linking 2 buttons on the same keypad is possible.
Thanks. :D I was confused when the manual called out to be careful when linking cause extra button presses would take it out of linking mode.

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