Can any body use this?


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Plug your PC power cord into the top control outlet of the Mini Power Minder and then connect a peripheral or a power strip to the lower outlet.

Rating: 15A 125VAC, 1800W
Clamping Voltage: 175VAC
Response: < 1 nanosecond
Surge Protection: Full (3MOV)
Max. Energy: 171 Joules
Max. Current (3 lines): 4500A
Max. Spike Voltage: 330V
EMI/RFI Filtration: No
Fax/modem protection: No
Outlets/Cord: 2 outlets/na

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Many computer peripherals use power even when they are turned off. The Mini Power Minder communicates with your PC via USB so when you start up or shutdown your computer, power to the secondary outlet starts or terminates at the same time. You'll control all your peripherals in one easy step! To control multiple devices, plug a power strip into the secondary socket and use it as an extension for several devices.
I guess no one has a use for this item!
(I'm not really suprised, but I was curious!)