Can anyone recommend a wireless intercom


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A friend of mine has a 'front door' that opens to a courtyard as opposed to their home. The house is already built so wireless would be the easiest and less destructive approach.

He's also thinking of a wireless camera to put there.

Can anyone recommend anything?
I do not know of the physical mounting/hardware requirement of these things, but ...

FRS/GMRS radio has some communications devices that might meet your need. Search on 'base stations', that equates to a desk top radio.

Where I work, we use some of the FRS/GMRS desktop radios as wireless intercoms and have had excellent results. Just be sure to buy one that allows you to set sub-channels. That way the only transmission you hear will be on your channel/sub-channel.

Good luck with your project.

Haha, nice. :)

The requirements would be a unit flush mounted with the wall near the door and then some kind of in-home receiver.