Can i get a Elk Custom Setting/Variable via serial


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I would like to display the value of an elk custom value on a cqc screen however I do not see any support in the ascii serial protocol to retrieve the value?
Page 33 in the Serial Protocol Guide.
4.17 Change And Read Custom Values
This request command allows automation equipment to read and change a Custom Value
stored in the M1. Custom Values are user changeable values stored in EEProm Memory such as
sprinkler watering times or wakeup times.
Read Custom Value (cr)
08 – Length as hex
cr – Read custom value
NN – Which Custom Value to be returned (2 decimal ASCII digits, 1
based). ie.â€16†= custom value 16. Range 1 to 20.
00 – future use
CC – Checksum
Example: 08cr010002 Read custom value 1.
Read ALL Custom Values (cp)
06 – Length as hex
cp – Read ALL custom values
00 – future use
CC – Checksum
Example: 06cp0067 Read all custom values.

Use the Passthrough command in the CQC driver with the above and you should be golden.
Thanks Steve, unfortunately it looks like the Passthrough command is write only. So I don't think I'll be able to pull back the value to show on a cqc screen.
Well then there is an 'opportunity' for Dean. Post on CQC with request or link back to here.
A number of new things have been exposed since the last rev of our drive. Post 2.0 I'll take a look at it and get it upgraded.