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Can I Send 12V DC Directly Into Omni Pro II Zones


New Member
Can I Send 12V DC Directly Into Omni Pro II Zones, or must I use a relay interface? I have 4 exterior motion sensors that output 12v DC when activated. Can a zone on an Omni expansion board handle this or does it need a relay interface? Thank you


Senior Member
The zone inputs need to be dry contact type switches. So yes, you would need to use a relay to connect your motion detectors. The downside of doing that is that you would lose full zone supervision since any EOL resistors would be at the relay and not at the motion detector.
Or you could use an Opto-isolator.

I am designing a project where a device with +5v output will be controlling the zone of an OP2. I plan to use an opto-isolator.